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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ghost has never really died

Posted by singamaraja

Ghost has never really died. Only it went and then came apparentla. That's beliefs about the murder of Altantuya hantu.Begitulah. He was killed. It lives again as a ghost. As a ghost many believe it menghantuai Perdaya Minister Najib and his wife.

The reason is not hard narrated. Everyone knows. Najib knows those people do not like Najib and another to know. Her ghost story may live hundreds more as folklore.

Since its resonance 1Malaysia Merong-rong, morning and afternoon in all the world stage, her ghost is gone, and silence. Not quite remember anymore.

But revived by TV3. TV3 is well-known voice and mouthpiece said. He will do anything original Najib comfortable and happy.

TV3 chase Raja Petra who took refuge in the wind, interviewers will ask for consent. And TV3 broadcaster is to broadcast parts of a conversation with Raja Petra.

That it is seeing is what Raja Petra out of her ghost and when she turned into a ghost at the explosion occurred.

Asked on Raja Petra true that the explosion was witnessed by First Lady not called First Lady longer time.

TV3 broadcast the scene for what is a ghost? To seronokkan Prime Minister Najib and his wife now. It is also to save Najib and his wife and his kingdom.

Raja Petra made bait traps. With baits and traps that can beat Anwar Ibrahim to be destroyed. Once he hit and eliminate Raja Petra.

It happened when it was published, came to arrest Anwar Sarawak. I hope that Anwar's release makes it back with empty hands. Najib and his wife were safe, secure Taib his new bride.

What fun Najib's wife, Hollywood is it? TV3 has served longer considered to Najib and his wife.

How hatikah couple enjoyed the release of exploit Raja Petra?

Out of the movie is her ghost appears again in the memory of all the spectators. Never mind that the ghost appears again. The question arises is true that Najib's wife is in the location turns blasting her ghost.

Certainly not like Najib and his wife wanted kelibatnya in each Narration her. Najib and his wife did not want to be involved directly with the ghost story.

When connected, not just people remember the story of ghosts, but ghosts and the story will haunt Perdaya ministers and mistress. Delirium of a ghost that can disrupt sleep disappearance.

Hollywood releases, but the effect is only short delirium is time consuming and takes heart. Does not match the fun of TV3 tried entertained with spooky ghosts are troubling.

Since the release of Raja Petra interview that the issue of murder to life again. He returned all fresh in my memory. People talk about it and people mengigatkan back to resume the inquiry into the murder and how their causes?

Raja Petra will be writing again. He will explain he did not know who is in the area of ​​the explosion. He was just told that Najib's wife and others have also said no. He revealed in a statutory declaration about what people tell him.

Statutory declaration must be investigated. If Najib's wife was under investigation should be investigated. All of it has tried silenced. None of those initiatives mentioned in the statutory declaration to be investigated. But after the release of Raja Petra TV3 and urges that it be investigated, then the name will be mentioned again that Najib's wife.

Will it be appeased again?

TV3 itching because of hunting and trying to deceive Raja Petra Raja Petra, causing re-echoed the murder. TV3 never thought he wanted the Prime Minister dani troublesome wife, but the turbulence is expected to save cermatnya Najib and his family.


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