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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Why don't the police investigate the matther ?

Posted by singamaraja

The events and personalities featured here are purely fictional and any resemblance to person or persons dead, alive, or about to die, is purely coincidental.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Why don’t the police investigate the matter? A police report has already been made. What is holding them back? Investigate lah! If this involved someone from the opposition, they would have immediately investigated the matter. And they would have needed only one week to complete the investigation and then would have taken action straight away. The police are full of bullshit. Cannot be trusted.

But they just announced this morning that they are launching an investigation.

Aiyah, don’t trust them lah! They will not really investigate the matter. They are just main wayang because a police report has been made. I bet you the investigation will come to nothing and they will announce that no crime has been committed. If this involved someone from the opposition, they would say there is enough evidence to take action. Now they will say there is no evidence of any crime having been committed. The police are full of bullshit. Cannot be trusted.

Aiyah, the only reason why DAP make a big issue out of this is because Teoh Beng Hock is Chinese and an opposition man. If he were Malay or not an opposition man you think DAP cares? They would not bother about the death. DAP is a racist and opportunist party. They are just politicising the issue, playing up the Chinese sentiments. Not sincere lah! Ini semua issue Cina. Bullshit lah these DAP people.

Aiyah, the only reason why DAP make a big issue out of this is because Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed is Malay so they want to show that the party is multi-racial and also fights for the Malays. They want to make it seem like DAP is fighting for justice and not only for the Chinese. This is their opportunity to play up Sarbani’s death. Now they can say even Malays who are killed in MACC’s office gets DAP’s attention. This is just politics lah! DAP is not really sincere about fighting for Malays. They just want to exploit Sarbani’s death for political gain. Bullshit lah these DAP people.

Why they bar Malaysiakini from covering the press conference? Say got freedom of speech in Malaysia. Where got freedom of speech? Talk only lah! When Malaysiakini wants to cover the press conference they will not allow. They are actually scared that Malaysiakini will ask the Minister tough questions that he cannot answer. They got something to hide. That’s why they are scared of letting Malaysiakini cover the press conference. They know that if Malaysiakini asks sensitive questions they cannot reply. Reply also die, don’t reply also die. So better just bar Malaysiakini from the press conference. Hah! No respect for freedom of the media. All bullshit one! Just because Malaysiakini is opposition media they bully them.

Why talk to TV3? TV3 is government-owned media. TV3 cannot be trusted. They will surely spin the story the wrong way. Next time, just boycott TV3. Don’t talk to them. If they want to talk to you or want to interview you just tell them to go to hell. TV3 should be banned from all opposition events. If not they will distort the news. Bastards! Only stupid people talk to TV3.

Why don’t Anwar contest for the party post? What bullshit is the? Ketua Umum konon. Podah! If you want to become the party leader then contest lah. Why so scared of contesting? Defacto leader is bullshit. More like illegitimate leader. Who voted for him? No one. Want to become the party leader then contest lah! All bullshit!

Why challenge Anwar for the party leadership? Why so impatient? Wait lah a few years. Anwar just took over. Pakatan has not even won the elections yet. If you contest now it will create a split in the party. That will jeopardise Pakatan’s chances for the next election. I think he is a Trojan horse. He is paid by Umno to cause trouble in the party. The party should kick him out. People like this are not welcome in the party. I guarantee you he has been bought off. Must have been paid a few million.


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